DOGG – Nutrition / Veterinary App Prototype


Login Screen


Client Screen


Vet Screen


Owner Screen

Project Description

I am in the early stages of designing an app for DOGG, a company that makes plant based food for dogs.  The app will allow dog owners to enter data and interact with their vets while monitoring their dog’s progress after switching to a plant based diet.  The veterinarians will also be able to enter data to be shared with other vets.

Extended Info

I utilized the following softwares to create the interface for this app

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Xd
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About DOGG

Dogg is a team of deeply committed people who envision a pure, powerful diet for dogs with a goal to contribute to a new paradigm in the canine nutrition industry.

We’ve set out to demonstrate an extraordinary business plan to serve a growing demand and the emerging canine food market that’s part of the Next BIG Thing in modern nutrition history: Plant-based Foods.