Phoenix Rising Integrative Vet Care Logo

Project Description

Phoenix Rising Integrative Vet Care approached me to help them create a stunning new logo design and brand identity for their new clinic concept. After much research and brainstorming the brand identity had to be elegant but understandable and reflect their spiritual association with Chinese Medicine.  The logo reflects the yin yang concept with the Phoenix and Dragon.

Extended Info

I utilized the following tools and fonts to create this logo.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Garamond Pro

This logo is now on all Phoenix Rising items including web, advertising, brochures, business cards and creams.

Phoenix Rising Vet Care Brand Identity

A logo design has to speak volumes about a company and its products. It acts like a trademark and should immediately trigger a reaction from the viewer. The logo must catch the attention and leave a memory.

It is often beneficial to combine a word and design in the logo. The company’s name is then linked with the logo and makes the viewer instantly draw the connection to the represented company. Every logo is unique  & should be memorable while designing it has to stay in mind at all times but it all comes down to trying to understand the client’s business.